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Next Show:
Saturday, Feb. 6th, 8pm 
@ Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
Johnny “Jingles” McCann - Flute/Sax
Chad Lee Pepper - Guitar
JM San Miguel - Drums
Rory Lake - Lead Vocals
Juicy Couture - Backing Vocals
Brad “The Wiz” Wyzowski -Guitar
Eddie Waters - Bass
Teri Fountaine - Piano, French Horn
Nigel Fripp – Synth Lord
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Cooler by the Lake DVD
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Cooler by the Lake is one of the most intense rock experiences you'll ever have. It’s a 9-car thrill ride through rock ‘n roll’s peaks ‘n valleys. Chicago is home, but they've been exposing their private parts to the midwest region for the last 15 years. Off stage, they’re a 16-inch softball devouring beast. On stage, they’ve shared the stage with rock legends Molly Hatchet, The Fixx, Adam Ant and Asia, as well as punk, rock and indie acts Nashville Pussy, Cherry Valence, Danko Jones and Apocalypse Hoboken. Cooler by the Lake has also performed during a live simulcast of a bacon eating contest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Show. Their 2nd, more legit, studio LP “Summer’s Over” is out now. Hell yeah.
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